Mining Company - Capricorn Copper site Wi-Fi Survey


The Summary

PTS undertook a site survey of the mining site including the three accommodate blocks covering over 200 huts. A full Wi-Fi coverage map of the site was developed using PTS’ Ekahau tools, that identified the black spots and issues with poor signal, and channel interference. PTS also undertook a review of the television services to identify the root cause of the current issues. PTS reviewed the communications rooms across the site and provided Capricorn a report on the issues with recommendations on the way forwards with addressing the issues.


PTS was invited to undertake a Wi-Fi site survey of the Capricorn Copper site in North Queensland. PTS was informed that there were current issues of poor Wi-Fi coverage, Wi-Fi performance and issues with the current Television services to the miner’s accommodation huts.

The Challenge

The Wi-Fi service is provided across a wide area, with three accommodation blocks and an office block with over 200 accommodation huts. The blocks are built on rough ground of differing heights. Wi-Fi services are delivered by external Wi-Fi Access Points which are mounted on selected huts. Users log into the Wi-Fi service from their huts which enables users to gain access to Internet and Voice services.

Television services are delivered via Satellite services and distributed by coax cables to each of the huts with amplifiers implemented to boost services.

The biggest challenge is the environmental issues, the remote location, weather, dust and construction of the miner’s huts.

The Solution

The PTS team undertook a detailed survey of every building in the block identifying the Wi-Fi signal for each hut identifying the signal externally. The outcome was a detailed signal map for all three accommodation blocks identifying the issues and the recommended solution to address the issue.

PTS also undertook a review of the Television service to understand the issues (no service, missing channel, blurred picture, snowy pictures etc.). PTS able to identify the issues and provide a recommendation for resolution of the issue.

PTS also reviewed all of the Communications Rooms and provided recommendations for the management of the rooms by the onsite support team.

The Benefits

PTS (Ekahau partner) was able to utilise its Ekahau tools to expertly survey the Capricorn site to help identify the current status of the Wi-Fi services, including a recommendation on how to redesign the service to improve the signal to the miners.

With PTS experience in the delivery of Wi-Fi, infrastructure and workplace solutions, PTS was able quickly identify the issues and  provide Capricorn