German Financial Services organisation
Wi-Fi Design Service


The Summary

PTS was asked to provide a Wi-Fi layout design of the new offices for this German Financial Services organisation.


PTS was engaged by a German Financial Services organisation to assist with the design and layout of their new office. The client provided PTS with the parameters to be used for the typical user usage requirements and a layout of the proposed office.

The Challenge

The Office was not straightforward square layout being built on a curved exterior and a core atrium which extends up the entire office block. The challenges of developing Wi-Fi designs within an office block within a busy City where a typical survey can identify many hundreds of external Wi-Fi networks which extend into the desired space.

The Solution

PTS an Ekahau partner utilised its Ekahau Wi-Fi design tools to develop an optimum layout of Access Points ensure that all key requirements from the client were met, ensuring black spots were covered by the Access Points.

The result was a set of clear designs, showing a CAD drawing with the exact location of the Access Points and a set of configurations for each Access Point to ensure that there were no issues with the channel interference.

The Benefits

Utilising PTS expert knowledge and Ekahau tools enabled the client to obtain the most optimum layout and design that met their needs. With the unusual office design and layout, PTS was able to ensure that users would not lose connectivity at any stage whilst in the office.