Financial Services Organisation - Physical Data Centre Migration


The Summary

PTS assists its client a major Financial Institution to migrate its Disaster Recovery Data Centre to a new state of the art facility. All services were shutdown, moved and re-installed over a weekend, minimising the potential impact to the business operations.


Our Data Centre migration team were able to bring its experience and expertise in assisting the Technology Team in migrating its Technology to a new Data Centre.

Our team were able to undertake the planning and co-ordination of third parties and technology teams to ensure that impact to the business of any outage was contained and managed throughout the migration period and that services were re-introduced by the end of the maintenance window.

We also assisted in the planning and validation of the fit out of the Data Centre cage to ensure security, cooling and subscribed services were implemented as required before the migration activities commenced. We also ensured that the process of accessing the Data Centres by the third-party engineers was booked and that third party engineers completed the required. We also provided updated progress communications to key stakeholders.

What appeared at first sight to be an easy migration still encountered its usual challenges, but with communications, and planning we were able to overcome them to successfully complete the migration within the change window provided.

The Challenge

We was engaged to assist this Financial organisation (PTS client) to migrate its IT infrastructure from its current Disaster Recovery (DR) Data Centre located in the IBM Data Centre in Melbourne. IBM had recently announced it is closing this facility and has provided notice to its hosting clients to relocate their IT Systems.

Our client undertook a review of potential sites that met its global compliance requirements and settled on a new built facility within Melbourne.

Much of the current IT infrastructure within the DR facility had recently been refreshed and a decision was made to relocate the majority of the infrastructure (approx. 90%), whilst replacing and adding some new systems in the new facility.

‘I am happy to forward the appreciation of our board who are very pleased with the excellent planning and execution of this project.’

Chief Information Officer

The Solution

After reviewing the migration requirements and current situation, our team recommended that the migration of the client’s systems should be undertaken over a single non-working day. Our team coordinated the implementation, planning and migration activities on the day to include the pre-assessment of the cage handover from the new Data Centre Service Provider in preparation for the commencement of the migration activities.

Through collaborative workshops with the client’s Technology Teams we developed a Migration Runbook of detailed tasks that would be executed on the day, to ensure the migration continued to maintain compliance whilst minimising risks to the business.

The PTS and the client’s Technology Teams along with selected professional services engineering and removal organisations attended to the Melbourne Data Centres to conduct the migration and over an extended day successfully migrated, tested and reinstated services back into the new Data Centre.

The Benefits

Our unrivalled expertise in the delivery of complex projects, Data Centre and IT infrastructure expertise, enabled  our client to benefit from our extensive industry knowledge and experience  in avoiding the common pitfalls experienced in Data Centre migration projects resulting in a smooth and successful migration.

With our experience of running such migrations, to include the co-ordination of the third-party engineers, and Data Centre Service Providers for the fit out of the Data Centre cage in preparation for the migration day, which was crucial in ensuring a smooth migration on the day.

Our team was able to brief all parties including our client’s team on their activities and timing which allowed the migration event to maintain near alignment with the published Runbook with a result that services were accepted and Disaster Recovery replication was restored before the end of the migration day evening.