Cloud Software Provider - Wi-Fi Design and Survey


The Summary

We was engaged as the IT Consultant for the office refurbishment of the recently acquired business office in Melbourne. We provided the design of the physical infrastructure, AV and Wi-Fi services. We then provided support and review of the installation, including the final Wi-Fi survey.


PTS a global supplier of IT consultancy services to a major cloud software services provider was asked to provide IT consultancy services for the recently acquired a business and its office in Melbourne, to bring the office in line with its global standards.

We was able to utilise its global knowledge on our client’s standards to design and ensure the fit out of the office fell in line with global expectations.

We worked with the construction Project Manager to ensure that the construction team, maintained installation of the infrastructure to the required standard.

The installation was completed by a Wi-Fi survey of the site to ensure services were implemented as planned. A full report of the final installation was provide to the global team.

The Challenge

The office in Melbourne was required to be brought up to our client’s global standard. The office is located at the top of an office block in the centre of the City of Melbourne.

Designs were developed and adapted to local regulations and availability of materials. During the commencement of the project COVID restrictions were implemented and access to the site was restricted to ensure compliance to local government directions.

Final population of the office was also delayed as a work from home policy was implemented.

The Solution

We developed a set of designs and worked with both the local Construction team and our client’s global teams to develop a set of designs to enable the team to go to market for the Wi-Fi infrastructure. We provided detailed floor layouts for the installation of the equipment and Wi-Fi Access Point configurations.

Installers implemented the systems as documented by us and once installed – PTS undertook a Wi-Fi survey to enable fine tuning to be implemented on the systems to maximise the system performance.