Smart Roads


What is it?

Roads can be seen as more than a surface for transport. The opportunity to turn roads and pathways into energy-generating assets and increase driver and pedestrian safety. The modular basis of photovoltaic and kinetic tile surfaces allows quick replacement of damaged units, meaning that repairs can be undertaken swiftly and with minimal disruption to traffic.

Whilst driverless cars are by no means ubiquitous, most research indicates that it will not be long before their use becomes widespread. With some predicting over 30 million Autonomous Vehicles globally by 2030, it would be prudent to consider the road and supporting infrastructure and how we can possibly prepare for the near to mid future.

Driverless cars and flexible streets enable intelligent prioritisation to emergency vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians depending on requirements. Transport infrastructure is part of a journey, not just for the user, but for cities and large-scale developments.

How to do it

• Current and planned transport system analysis

• Site-wide infrastructure feasibility for Roads, Parking, Pathways, Lighting, Public Transport & Wider Local Transport

• Holistic Operational Cost/Benefit Review

• Site standardisation and city integration.

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