HE & Covid-19: The New Normal

The PTS Podcast – Episode 6



Over the last few months, there has been significant and substantial change across the Higher Education sector. With student intake likely to drop for the coming year and no guarantees on the financial support they’ll be receiving, there is currently enormous uncertainty for institutions across the country.

What practices and strategies can institutions adopt to create opportunities for growth from the myriad challenges they are facing? How can universities manage the same footprint with considerably less funding? What are the absolute must-do items for our universities in the immediate short term to lay the foundations for a brighter future?

Kevin and Dan turn to their co-host and PTS Public Sector Lead, Mark Perrett, for his views on how universities can utilise technology innovation and strategic planning to adapt to the changes and even flourish next Academic Year. We bring technology into the picture for universities looking to switch to online learning today and debate its application for improved safety and more practical courses and learning in the future.


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