Sustainable Energy Strategy


What is it?

As the Electric Vehicle (EV) grows in its popularity, the energy strategy needs to grow too. Installing EV charging points on residential or commercial premises may seem to be a good future proofing approach, but is it sustainable; could the power grid cope?

Perhaps a better solution would be to look at how localised micro grids could provide the source power to supply the dwelling while also recharging the car battery. Take this a step further to see Vehicle to Grid (V2G) capabilities whereby any spare battery capacity could be used to feed the dwelling or building during peak time load periods.

Scale this up to a an integrated energy strategy whereby commercial ‘mega batteries’ could support a whole community and energy is traded throughout the quarter to balance power requirements with localised energy generation.

Rather than a continuous drain on the national grid, energy is mapped and managed locally, increasing efficiency and resilience.

How to do it

• Development of a central power strategy that can grow from a small-scale residential to a whole site integrated approach.

• Open discussions with all interested parties and experts to explore short, medium and long term opportunities.

• Development of an optimal energy management strategy incorporating microgrids, blockchain energy trading and National to local grid rationalisation.

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