Community User Interface


What is it?

For Residents, Students, Workers, Visitors and Businesses, today’s cities and developments must be built in the physical and digital world.

For residents, fingertip access to local amenities and swift integration in to the locale is expected to be seamless and intuitive.

Giving residents access to knowledge of their community’s social activities, safety and environmental performance can help build a welcoming and engaging environment.

Digital convenience is no longer a luxury, but a requirement, and the demand for a digital layer augmenting a community must be considered within every city.

With live and up-to-date information regarding public transport, parking, availability of communal space and key local events, workers, residents and visitor alike will regard developments as more than physical locations, but interactive hubs within Cities.

Local business will benefit from digital placemaking, allowing their customers to connect freely, while managing demand and delivery with minimal interruption.

Developments have the opportunity to become extremely efficient ecosystems, where tourists and visitors feel connected and protected, while workers coming to the region are provided with the information and flexibility to accommodate their needs.

Cities will benefit from the digital community as real-time data generates accurate social, environmental, operational and security information that can be used to reduce operational costs and provide tangible evidence to increase location the desirability of the site.

How to do it

• Engagement with City Council, Local Stakeholders and bordering developments

• Local and regional outcome definition

• Development of Technology Strategy in alignment with Stakeholder strategies

• Sensor/Data Source mapping, ‘platforming’ and integration

• Develop site-wide, enterprise-grade communications infrastructure technology solution, including Resilient fibre network, Pervasive Wi-Fi, 4G/5G coverage & Resilient power infrastructure

• Continuous development and alignment of locations/neighbourhoods throughout the project lifecycle

• Final development of a unified community platform

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