Programme and Project Management

Our Programme/Project Assurance service provides you with an independent overview of your Programmes/Projects to either identify why they are not delivering or to realign the Programme/Project.

We recognise that the Enterprise Programme Environment is in constant flux is not a surprise. Projects, PMO and Programmes by definition are transient management structures. The forces of ‘business as usual’ can assert a stasis on the ‘change the Firm’ organisation that is at best unhelpful and at worst a new form of insidious operational risk. In extreme cases, we have seen the Project Method itself become a risk and actually impede the changes that it was intended to enable.

These growth pains in the project environment are evidenced by symptoms of process failure, poor quality and mismatch of delivery to raised stakeholder expectations.

Robust and sensitive project interventions are a helpful tool at this time. We have a number of interventions collectively known as Programme/Project Assurance; advising clients to sharpen operational quality. Not all assurance is ‘medicinal’. Actually establishing the Project Environment itself requires the creative input of an Assurance service. Other structural changes are required by merger, acquisition and other major business restructuring.

The three objectives of Project Assurance from us are to:

  1. Assure the integrity of the entire Enterprise Programme/Project Environment
  2. Provide an audit and assessment of the projects and programmes
  3. Perform on-going quality and health checks throughout the project lifecycle

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