Cloud and IT Security Transformations

In the growing and complex world of system security, corporations globally are reviewing and tuning up the need for a clean and co-ordinated Active Directory environment.

The PTS Active Directory Consolidation service provides a comprehensive process for the discovery, review, cleansing and consolidation of Domains bringing clarity and ease of co-ordination of clients domain management.


Your Active Directory (AD) system maintains the continuity of your business operations on a daily basis. The Active Directory is regularly overlooked by businesses when it comes to allocation of budgets, it does after all sit in the background and generally works when it is left alone. Technical teams are generally not experienced in the best practices of managing and maintaining the system and provide a best endeavours service that keeps it working.

So what happens when there is a requirement over time to consolidate different domains. Providing a trust is just a temporary measure.

Cost Savings

An Active Directory upgrade project will save you money for the years to come. Operations will be improved within the business, making the day-to-day business more profitable. Consolidation can and will help you save on servers and lower your licencing costs.

Ease of Management

A consolidation project will help the IT domain architecture be easier to manage. All directory tasks and infrastructure will be in a single domain, meaning that all of your object management, software updates reducing the time to complete your tasks.


Your data will be more secure, since administrators can set rules of access that are maintained across all departments. A system with few domains saves time by making it easier to remove people who should not have access. Every location in a modernised Active Directory has a full domain back-up, resulting in important data not being lost.