Data Centre Advisory Services

The Data Centre Design element is a critical part of the Data Centre build project. Get it wrong here and it will be wrong for the life of the Data Centre.

Our expert Data Centre advisors will ensure that every element of the design ios covered so that the Data Centre is able to support you on Day One and in 5 years time.

We will work with you to develop the Rack Elevation diagrams and develop the comprehensive Patch Matrix showing how all of your equipment will be connected together.

We will also ensure that rack power utilisation and cooling requirements align to your Data Centre Service Provider policies and will work with them to ensure the rack power utilisation is supported.

We develop the requirements for your Structured Cabling System and Cross Connects for Telecommunications Services.

We will also ensure that any requirements for Regulatory Compliance is covered and that Security of your environment is implemented effectively.

The Design will be developed into a Design Bluebook which will be referenced throughout the fit out and implementation stage.

With a solid design in place the team can work with the Procurement Team to select suitable supplier for the delivery of key elements of the design.

The Design will be delivered to the implementation team to deliver the core infrastructure for the Data Centre environment.